Donald J. Trump – To the Tune of “Alexander Hamilton”


A common theme discussed in this blog this year has been remaking healthcare as we watch the twists and turns unfold in the legislative circus of healthcare reform. To close out 2017, we’ve put a musical spin on healthcare in America. SHARE THIS!

Extreme Healthcare Chaos

Stethoscope with American Flag Reflection on Wooden Table.

Turmoil by executive order again… On Thursday, President Trump threw two more giant logs on the raging healthcare marketplace fire by ordering the discontinuance of federal funding for cost-sharing subsides for low income Americans and by directing the Secretary of Labor to provide guidance on liberalizing association healthcare plan rules. Cost-sharing subsidies made healthcare affordable… [Read More]

Watch Out for the Unintended Consequences of Washington Shenanigans


Once again President Trump is threatening to drop the Obama administration’s appeal of the Federal Circuit Court ruling that would disallow funding for cost-sharing subsidies for low-income Americans. These subsidies amount to about $7 billion a year and would affect about 7 million members who obtained coverage on the individual market. As a result, this is… [Read More]

The Senate Debate on Healthcare Reform

Making Healthcare Sausage

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) has reached the Senate and passage is far from certain. With the slimmest of margins the GOP can afford only two defections and at the same time will need to present legislation which is ultimately acceptable to their colleagues in the House. But even the core principles such as… [Read More]

Healthcare in the Trump Era Takes Its First Step

Healthcare in the Trump Era Takes Its First Step

Today, the House narrowly passed the American Health Care Act; the Republican answer to Obamacare. In order to garner support from reluctant House members there were several important changes from the bill that failed to pass two months ago. The first change would allow states to opt out of exchange requirements and give the states… [Read More]

Healthcare is No Comedy

Healthcare is No Comedy

I looked back to my November 9th, 2016 blog – yes, the day after the election. And then I reread President Trump’s powerful speech to Congress this week. Our president, it seems, really knows how to stay on track. He says exactly what he thinks over and over again and then tries to get it… [Read More]

Healthcare Reform – It’s Not as Easy as It Looks (and It Didn’t Really Look That Easy Anyway)

Healthcare Reform – It s Not as Easy as It Looks

The IRS now says that they are not equipped to test the accuracy of ACA health information to validate the premium and cost sharing subsidies that were given out over the past years. Unbelievably, for 2015 the IRS expected 77 million Form 1095-Cs and actually got 104 million forms. And of these forms, 5.4% (or 5.6… [Read More]

The Battle for Repeal and Replace Has Begun

The Battle for Repeal and Replace Has Begun

Like it or not President Trump continues to follow through on the policies and provisions he espoused during his campaign. On Thursday, the Republican blueprint for healthcare was released and in the coming weeks this document will be organized into a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. Central to the document is the elimination of… [Read More]

Insurers, Not Government, Will Lead the Way to Lower Healthcare Costs

Insurers, Not Government, Will Lead the Way to Lower Healthcare Costs

Sitting in a regional meeting for Aetna gives me time to reflect on bigger thoughts about how to tackle healthcare in the United States… In seeking solutions to the healthcare crisis, politicians have a different focus than insurers. Access is the politician’s biggest concern – how to address the needs of the greatest number of… [Read More]

Insights From Inside Washington

Reshaping Healthcare in the United States

As the word game semantics continue regarding repeal, replace, repair and rebrand, our clients who have businesses to run and don’t really care if you call it Obamacare, Trumpcare or Putincare, are really just focused on one thing: what, in practice, will actually happen so we can adjust our strategic planning and investment decisions accordingly?… [Read More]