Preventive Care that Actually Saves Money… Dental

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Over the last two decades, the healthcare industry has tied itself in knots in order to validate the business case behind preventive medical care. And although preventive care services offer a variety of benefits – social and humanitarian, for example – the data seems almost conclusive that economics is not quite one of them. Too… [Read More]

Emergency Room Spike

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A troubling survey by the American College of Emergency Physicians has raised some eyebrows in the healthcare community. Three quarters of emergency room doctors report seeing an increase in ER visits over the last year, with 28% observing “large increases.” You’ll likely remember that one of the key arguments in passing the Affordable Care Act… [Read More]

A Quandary: Is Preventive Care Increasing Costs?


One of the most popular developments in the health insurance market in last five years has been free preventive health. Insurers, employers and employees have universally lauded this provision as an effective way to enhance coverage while reducing cost. The benefits seemed so glaring that it was included as a cornerstone market reform in PPACA…. [Read More]