This Flu Season’s Outbreak Is No Laughing Matter

Cropped shot of a sick businesswoman blowing her nose in the boardroom

I’ve had more clients than usual reach out to me for communications related to this year’s flu season and flu prevention tips. Why, you ask? Because this year’s influenza outbreak is widespread with hospitalizations occurring in 49 of 50 states. And it’s no longer just dangerous for children and those age 65+… Now employees age… [Read More]

Summer Wellness Programming to Rebalance the Work/Life Balance

WorkLife Balance

Summer is upon us and with it comes holidays, BBQs, vacations, and of course – work. Your employees may not be thinking about their work/life balance, but you should be. Work isn’t going anywhere, but if your employees don’t take time to refresh, they’re chugging along toward lower productivity, and an eventual burn out. There’s… [Read More]