A Look at 2018 Healthcare Issues

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Price Waterhouse’s Health Research Institute released their 2018 Top Health Industry Issues report. 2017 was quite a year for healthcare as the industry tried to address controlling healthcare costs in light of the failure of legislative reform along with natural disasters, opioid abuse and cyber security – and all of those issues continue. With the inability… [Read More]

Reference-Based Pricing – Not Just for Large Groups Anymore

Reference-Based Pricing – Not Just for Large Groups Anymore

“It’s not health insurance that’s expensive; it’s the cost of healthcare,” a keen observation from a recent blog post by Frenkel Benefits’ president, Craig Hasday. It’s safe to reason that anything which lowers the cost of healthcare should lower premium rates – but is it that easy to get done? Employers try to mitigate healthcare costs in… [Read More]

Reference-Based Pricing: A New Arrow in the Quiver

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In an effort to combat rising healthcare costs, self-insured employers have turned a new page. Under reference-based pricing models, the plan will reimburse costs up to a pre-set limit. Reference-based pricing works. A recent Reuters Health study shows that average costs for diagnostic testing were reduced by a third, as compared to more traditional reimbursement protocols. In this… [Read More]