Healthcare Reform – Finally a Movement Toward Bipartisan Cooperation

Are Association Health Plans a Good Idea

The nine million Americans covered by the federal healthcare exchanges must be feeling a lot like a ping pong ball… It’s a good thing the ball is moving so fast they can’t see it. President Trump has reversed himself again and indicated that he would not support a bipartisan effort to plug some of the holes… [Read More]

5500 Reporting: Are You Up to Date?

Paperwork and Calculating Cost

If you’re like many of our clients, you probably know that you are required to submit annual Form 5500 reporting for your company’s pension and 401(k) plans. But a surprisingly high number of clients are not aware that they need to submit Form 5500 reporting for health and welfare plans as well. The criteria of… [Read More]

Benefits Reporting: Time to Gear Up for SAR Distribution


The big rush to get the annual 5500 benefit plan reporting filed by July 31 is over—but there isn’t much time to catch a breath. Have you prepared and distributed your corresponding Summary Annual Reports (SAR)? A Summary Annual Report is exactly that: a summary of the 5500 Report that was filed. It provides some… [Read More]

Compliance Nightmares I’ve Been Warning You About


I opened my mail today and found a letter from the IRS requesting additional tax for 2012. There were two items IRS claimed I missed, distributions from an HSA account and a 529 Educational Savings Plan. I scratched my head because there is no way I made non-qualified distributions from either of these plans and… [Read More]

Advisors Should Help When Nuances of ACA Make Your Head Spin


ACA included a host of new fees, taxes and reporting requirements. By now you have heard of the transitional reinsurance fee, the $63 per member tax which is applicable to the 2014–2016 calendar years. When benefit advisors discuss these charges, clients’ heads spin. Self-insured employers have to submit enrollment data to HHS by November 15… [Read More]