Uncertainties in the Market Are No Reason to Panic


Brexit…what Brexit? When I started planning this blog several weeks ago, the markets were in deep turmoil. British voters had just unexpectedly voted to leave the European Union and the U.S. stock markets had a severe reaction. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped over 600 points the day the news broke and fell more than 250… [Read More]

Obama Pushes to Expand Retirement Savings

retirement cost savings

Last month, the White House unveiled several proposals intended to expand retirement savings to more than 30 million American workers. President Obama introduced these items to Congress last week as part of his 2017 budget. But before you get too excited, it may be a while before, or possibly never that, workers will start seeing the… [Read More]

The Unanswered Questions of Tibble v. Edison


When the Supreme Court sent Tibble v. Edison back to the lower courts earlier this year, it left unanswered the primary questions about what level of plan fees is acceptable and what duty fiduciaries have in monitoring these fees. Tibble v. Edison involves participants suing their employer for offering investments at a more expensive cost… [Read More]

Negotiating the Bumpy Road to Retirement

Retirement Stock Market Investing

If the volatility of the stock market over the past couple weeks has taught us anything, it is the uselessness of participants trying to time the markets.  With the Dow Jones Industrial Index decreasing by several hundred points one day, increasing by several hundred points the next day, and sometimes doing both within the same… [Read More]

DOL’s Fiduciary Proposal Can Mean Big Changes, but for Whom?


When the Department of Labor (DOL) recently announced proposed regulations updating the ERISA definition of a fiduciary, many industry heavyweights publicly proclaimed that this was going to hurt the small investors by causing brokers to exit that end of the market. Meanwhile, some advisors have used the news to call my clients, warning them how… [Read More]

Is the MyRA Worth All the Fuss?


2015 marks the rollout of the MyRA. Introduced by President Obama in his 2014 State of the Union address, the MyRA provides tax-advantaged savings for people who do not have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. As many of these accounts will go live this year, it is important to understand the pros and cons… [Read More]

When More Income is the Outcome


For many years, we have been living in the era of low interest rates. While this environment has consequences for all of us, retirees and their advisors are particularly feeling the impact. Projections and assumptions that many pre-retirees incorporated into their planning have been ratcheted down as rates declined and remained low. Many Americans are… [Read More]