The Impact Trump’s Election Will Have on Retirement Plans

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The surprise election of Donald Trump is beginning to settle in and we now have time to think about how his positions during the campaign will impact the retirement industry going forward. There are three main areas we think will be affected: Regulations: Trump campaigned that government regulations were strangling business growth. In the retirement… [Read More]

Plan Fees in the World of Participant Lawsuits

Plan Fees in the World of Participant Lawsuits

Recently, retirement plans at several major universities, including Yale, MIT, NYU and many others, have had suits filed against them by their participants over excessive fees. Many of these lawsuits involve issues that predominantly pertain to 403(b) plans, such as multiple plan providers, and they are primarily coming out of a single St. Louis law… [Read More]

DOL’s Fiduciary Proposal Can Mean Big Changes, but for Whom?


When the Department of Labor (DOL) recently announced proposed regulations updating the ERISA definition of a fiduciary, many industry heavyweights publicly proclaimed that this was going to hurt the small investors by causing brokers to exit that end of the market. Meanwhile, some advisors have used the news to call my clients, warning them how… [Read More]

The Loan Dilemma


If you have wondered whether to allow participants to take loans from their retirement plans, you’re likely not alone. On the face of it, allowing loans is a good thing because it encourages younger employees to participate in the plan when otherwise they might be afraid to tie up their assets for 30 to 40… [Read More]

Retirement Plan Fee Transparency Here At Last — Are You Ready?


Under new Department of Labor rules which are finally, after several delays, about to be implemented, every employee participating in their employers’ 401(k) and 403(b) plans is about to get some shocking news. Because of an extension in applying these new rules, they will receive a disclosure statement beginning in August that will detail the fees… [Read More]