Bring the Fight Against Financial Illiteracy to the Workplace

Cork, Ireland

I was out recently with a college friend. She confided to me that a collections agency was after her for a medical bill she was having trouble paying. Later into the evening she proudly showed me her new iPhone 8 and a pair of expensive shoes she just treated herself to… Sound familiar? It seems like… [Read More]

Obama Pushes to Expand Retirement Savings

retirement cost savings

Last month, the White House unveiled several proposals intended to expand retirement savings to more than 30 million American workers. President Obama introduced these items to Congress last week as part of his 2017 budget. But before you get too excited, it may be a while before, or possibly never that, workers will start seeing the… [Read More]

The Loan Dilemma


If you have wondered whether to allow participants to take loans from their retirement plans, you’re likely not alone. On the face of it, allowing loans is a good thing because it encourages younger employees to participate in the plan when otherwise they might be afraid to tie up their assets for 30 to 40… [Read More]