Preventive Care that Actually Saves Money… Dental

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Over the last two decades, the healthcare industry has tied itself in knots in order to validate the business case behind preventive medical care. And although preventive care services offer a variety of benefits – social and humanitarian, for example – the data seems almost conclusive that economics is not quite one of them. Too… [Read More]

Wellness Incentive Rules – and the Saga Continues…

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Yep, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is back to the drawing board, reworking and finalizing new wellness regulations for 2019. We know that all wellness programs must be deemed “voluntary” for employees to participate in; but employees can be penalized thousands of dollars for not doing a screening or answering personal health questions through… [Read More]

The Fruit Went First


Here at Frenkel, before we started our wellness program, “Smarter Choices,” Frenkel employees brought their usual eating habits to the table, literally.  When food was purchased for meetings or for office celebrations, it was mostly junk food–pizza, cake, bagels, and pastries–and complaints were rare. We’re now a couple years into the program, so we ask… [Read More]

The Elusive Return on Wellness


Over the past decade, employee activation has become an increasingly integral component of employer benefit programs for large employers. These groups, predominantly self-insured or fully insured but experience rated, have been searching for pro-active ways to bend the trend curve, and consultants have been more than enthusiastic to sell the wellness story. However, some of… [Read More]