Healthcare Has Been Screaming for a Disruptor

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Someone heard. Rumors have been swirling that Amazon, the market status quo killer, was setting its sights on healthcare – one of the least transparent and most inefficient markets – which accounts for almost 20% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Today Amazon joined with market-savvy Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase to announce that a new… [Read More]

Is the Stop Loss Market Finally Firming?

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For self-insured employers, the stop loss or reinsurance market has been a haven for competition for many years. Fueled by the competitive forces of carriers entering the market and those seeking growth at all costs, pricing remained soft – insurers seeking rate increases were met with stiff competition and ultimately had to decide to either… [Read More]

Get on Top of Nondiscrimination Testing

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It’s that time of year… No, not Halloween, but even scarier – nondiscrimination testing time! While there are different schools of thought on when to test your cafeteria plans, the bottom line is the IRS requires that your plans have passed all testing by the last day of the plan year. Many employers wait until final… [Read More]

Reviewing Contracts: An Essential Part of Health Plan Management

Reviewing Contracts An Essential Part of Health Plan Management

And you thought it was tough to decide on plan design, communication strategy and contributions for your medical benefits plan… Once the crush of implementation begins, the plan documents will start coming to your inbox and it’s critically important that you understand them completely. The obvious first steps would be to check the principal plan… [Read More]

Anthem Gets Tough with Hospitals

Anthem Gets Tough with Hospitals2

One of the greatest frustrations our self-funded (and to a lesser extent, fully-insured) clients voice is that – despite the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars they pay the insurers to assist in managing their health plan spend – too often it appears the insurers are complicit in the rising healthcare spend by not… [Read More]

PPACA-Imposed Fees and Taxes: More Reasons to Self-Insure?


Although both insured and self-insured plans will be hit with new PPACA fees and taxes, employers may find self-funding gives them an edge. Beginning with plan years that end after September 30, 2012, PPACA imposes a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Fee on commercial health insurers and self-funded plans. The fee, which is one dollar per… [Read More]