Take Politics Out of Healthcare

Medical politics and health reform challenges or universal healthcare system stress concept as a group of opposing ropes pulling on a doctor stethoscope as a medicine management symbol with 3D illustration elements.

Three additional states have joined California in an investigation of the third largest insurer in the United States – Aetna – alleging their medical director denied a $20,000-per-dose infusion, admitting in a deposition that he never looked at [the] patient’s medical records. The media and public have cried out that the insurer has put profits over patient… [Read More]

Healthcare Reform… More of the Same

Healthcare in the Trump Era Takes Its First Step

The Senate is making one last-gasp effort to repeal ACA… Well, not actually repeal, just reconfigure. Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy have sponsored a bill, which will be eligible for consideration under budget reconciliation rules (i.e. 51 votes required to pass and not subject to filibuster). Under the bill the amounts paid by the federal… [Read More]

Healthcare…What’s the Answer?

Healthcare…What’s the Answer

As the Senate wrestles with finding the balance to pass its version of healthcare reform, a proposal by Senator Ted Cruz looks like it is gaining popularity. This amendment would allow insurers to offer plans which do not comply with the Affordable Care Act so long as they offer at least one plan which does… [Read More]

ColoradoCare: A New Healthcare Path Brings Different Issues

Coloradocare Blogpost

As we approach the November election, tensions are brewing over the possibility that Colorado could become the nation’s first state-based, single-payer health insurance system. This follows Vermont, which passed, but subsequently abandoned, single-payer after determining this alternative was not financially viable. ColoradoCare is the government’s attempt to provide healthcare to the thousands in Colorado who… [Read More]

Politics and the Exchanges

Politics and Exchanges #3

We are all watching this train wreck unfold before our eyes. The individual exchanges were ill-conceived and poorly implemented from the onset. There is a bloodletting from the insurers, bankrupted co-ops, increased participant premiums, reduced plan options, and politicians looking to make the fixes (again). On one side, the government reports that costs are not increasing… [Read More]

Healthcare Changes: Gradual Is Better

Healthcare Reform

Recently, Paul Ryan and the Republican Party issued their response to the ACA. As expected, the plan eliminates the individual mandate and its ineffective penalties. The proposal also eliminates the Cadillac Tax and bases its funding on limiting the employee exclusion for health insurance. The non-tax deductible limit would vary based upon the region in which the employee… [Read More]

NYS Assembly Passes Universal Healthcare Bill

new york state, universal healthcare

The New York Health Act was approved this week by the NYS Assembly. Under the law, New York Health would provide universal, single-payer healthcare to all New Yorkers without premiums, copays, and deductibles, and with unlimited provider networks. Sounds great – but hopefully the lights go on before this fairy tale becomes a nightmare. Consider… [Read More]

Should the U.S. Consider Single-Payer?


I try to be open-minded and explore other viewpoints even if they are far afield of my thinking. So last week, when Albany politicians passionately made the single-payer argument, I took a step back. Does single-payer make sense or am I just fighting it because it would significantly impact my revenue? I have been mulling… [Read More]