ACA Penalties for Failure to Provide or Have Coverage Are Still Around

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There is a lot of confusion out there concerning ACA penalties. The 2018 tax act did not eliminate any employer penalties for not offering health insurance coverage. The only change was reducing the individual coverage penalty to zero – however, this change does not go into effect until 1/1/2019. Applicable large employers (ALEs) with more… [Read More]

As Enforcement Increases, So Will Dissatisfaction with the Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Care Act offers generous subsidies to applicants whose income is less than 400% of the federal poverty level. There are a few ways the subsidy can be modified: if an individual’s income varies from what was originally reported on the application or if they are in some manner disqualified from receiving a subsidy…. [Read More]

Healthcare Cost Pressure Lessened, but It’s Coming Back


The Kaiser Family Foundation has released its latest healthcare cost update. Average premium growth for family coverage is up only 3% over last year. However, as we know, real medical inflation is significantly higher.  How was this accomplished? Deductibles have been increased to an average of $1,217 for single coverage. And in reducing premiums, employers… [Read More]

Soak the Rich, But How?


There have been a number of trends that have accelerated in recent years in response to unmanageable cost increases and due to regulatory influence. One of the more prominent concepts—historically adopted only by the legal and financial services industries, but increasingly making its way into every board room conversation—is salary banding employee contributions. The idea… [Read More]