A Few Suggestions to Simplify Healthcare

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I keep waiting for Bezos-Buffet-Dimon to call me (I know they will one day) but in the meantime, cyberspace is a good place to share my thoughts on healthcare redesign. The front door to healthcare delivery should be an easy-to-use smartphone application which is pre-populated with a healthcare calendar, set up with you and your doctor, to remind you… [Read More]

CVS-Aetna – a Few Weeks Later

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So the CVS-Aetna deal has been seasoning a bit and I really haven’t heard of any major roadblocks to approval. And early integration planning is starting. Not that integration teams are that much of an indication as they didn’t portend a good result for the Aetna-Humana or Anthem-CIGNA mergers. It would seem that horizontal integration is… [Read More]

The “Sitting Disease” is Killing Your Employees

The Sitting Disease is Killing Your Employees

As I deposit a check through an app on my phone (for my bank that’s less than 6 blocks from my apartment) I realize just how easy humans have it nowadays. In an age of convenience we’re more sedentary than ever. The average office worker sits for around 10 hours each day – moving from… [Read More]

Millennials are the Key to Healthcare

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When I became an “adult”, one of the first things I thought about was healthcare. That was the way you did things. But today’s new “adults” aren’t wired that way. Healthcare just isn’t top of mind to millennials. They don’t understand it and they don’t think they need it. They don’t want to go to… [Read More]

Technology: The New Healthcare Frontier

Technology-The New Healthcare Frontier

A recent Harris Poll reports that nearly a third of Americans are uncomfortable with managing their healthcare. Healthcare costs for a family of four now exceed $25,000 per year, but Americans are less confident purchasing healthcare than buying a home or a car. And it is not easy to make good healthcare decisions. As a… [Read More]

Technology Can’t Replace Valuable Advice

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Benefits administration, human resources and payroll are areas that often require specialized skills. That’s why many companies employ experts in each area and work to integrate their knowledge into company policy and decision making. But for HR executives at smaller companies, they are often tasked with handling all of these areas regardless of their experience… [Read More]

Is Your Benefits Communication Reaching Your Millennial Employees?

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As the baby boomers continue to move toward retirement, millennials are fast becoming the new majority in the workforce. As an employer, do you know how to speak their language? Millennials were born in the 1980s and 1990s, making them around 20 to 35 years old today – they are the first generation that doesn’t… [Read More]

Handling Eligibility Maintenance Because Technology Can’t Do It All


In this blog, we’ve spoken increasingly about technology innovations hitting healthcare – sometimes technology has played a positive role, and other times, it’s questionable. I’ve seen many companies embracing online enrollment platforms lately. And while I applaud their conveniences and efficiency, I have to throw up a cautionary flag. You just can’t put technology on… [Read More]

Is Tech a Threat to Brokers?


Over the weekend, I attended a Hanukah party with family members who work in a diverse array of industries: food services, real estate and accounting, to name a few. It’s quite atypical for a family conversation to ever turn to my work in a healthcare brokerage firm because: (1) I’m the weirdo actuary who no… [Read More]

Telemedicine: An Innovative Healthcare Trend


One of the best healthcare products I have seen lately is telemedicine. There are a number of stand-alone vendors offering this service and it is rapidly finding its way into bundled insurance company products. For years, insurers have been pushing out 24-hour nurse lines as a front line to channel care, and for years, these… [Read More]