New Valuable Pharmacy App Solves a Big Problem

Pills on US dollars.

Why does pharmacy have to be so difficult? There seems to be a huge disconnect and a lot of finger pointing when it comes to prescribing drugs. A patient goes to the doctor and at the end of the visit gets prescribed medication to address the issue. Patients accustomed to the drill start to sweat… [Read More]

Another Band-Aid: Pharmacists Shopping for Patients

Cropped shot of shelves in a pharmacy

As anyone who has ever filled a prescription knows, the arcane and mind-numbingly complex pricing framework for drugs makes it both impossible to know what the drug will cost in advance of filling the prescription and similarly challenging to shop for a lower-cost alternative. With hundreds, if not thousands, of pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and… [Read More]

Want Employee Partners in Cost Containment? Don’t Wait to Give Them the Tools


With the transformation of the healthcare system from an entitlement to a consumer-centric model, a sea change is needed in the way employers communicate healthcare cost transparency. An employee facing a life-threatening illness shouldn’t be learning for the first time about how to determine and compare the cost of healthcare services. Cost may be the… [Read More]