UnitedHealthcare on the Forefront of Changing the Paradigm

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“Do you have the guts to break through where others don’t or won’t?” These are the words of UnitedHealthcare’s CEO on their mission to improve healthcare delivery in the United States. As this blog continuously chronicles, the system is fraught with deficiencies and opportunities for substantive improvement. Medical care has become too expensive. Delivery is… [Read More]

More Pharmacy Fixes

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The collateral effect of writing these blogs is that insurance companies (I am happy to say many of them follow me) and third parties are quick to provide additional information or clarification to the issue at hand. There was quite a bit of follow up about my pharmacy blog last week. UnitedHealthcare let me know… [Read More]

Multimillion Court Awards Threaten Healthcare Affordability

In a potential watershed case for the health insurance industry, a Nevada jury awarded $24 million in compensatory damages and $500 million in punitive damages to three plaintiffs in a case stemming from a hepatitis C outbreak. In the case against affiliates of UnitedHealth Group, two plaintiffs claimed they became infected when their gastroenterologist used unsafe… [Read More]