Participation: Is It a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

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One of the central tenets of underwriting medical plans is to avoid adverse selection at all cost. Adverse selection results when a plan is designed or priced in such a way that it only adequately incentivizes sicker employees to enroll; failing to attract good risk to offset the bad. For this reason, most insurers historically… [Read More]

Overweight with Regulations – MetLife’s Looming Split Signals for Mergers

Health Insurer Merger Mania

Last week, MetLife made an announcement that surely knocked Woodstock off his perch on Snoopy’s doghouse. And it probably has many MetLife life insurance policyholders questioning the future stewardship of their policy. The carrier stated that plans are under consideration for the sale or spinoff of their individual life insurance business. When buying a policy that… [Read More]

I Need Coverage Now!

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The landscape in which I advise clients is navigated by means of medical and financial underwriting.  Carriers assess the mortality or morbidity risk (sometimes both) of each client on an individual basis.  This typically involves the submission of a medical exam as well as relevant records obtained from any physicians consulted.  The underwriters will also… [Read More]

Small and Midsize Employers: Prepare for New Funding Options Flooding the Market


As post-ACA realities begin to take hold, the small to midsize marketplace is seeing an onslaught of new products that look to provide these 50-200 life groups with creative options to manage increasing costs. While some are new and cleverly designed, others are a twist on old approaches. Private exchanges, captives, and alternative funded programs… [Read More]

Who Pays for Healthcare Reform?

The Society of Actuaries predicted Tuesday that medical claims costs — the biggest driver of insurance premiums — will jump an average 32 percent for individual policies under the ACA legislation.  By 2017 the estimated increase is about 80 percent for Ohio, 62 percent for California and more than 20 percent for Florida. This makes… [Read More]