Warning – The Healthcare Status Quo Is at Risk

5-2-16 An Exciting Day in Washington

Whether the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was ever an effective way to combat the issues facing our healthcare system is arguable – but it is clear that our political process has not helped. The Commonwealth Fund recently reported that the uninsured rate for working-aged Americans (between 19 and 64) has increased from 12.7% in 2016 to… [Read More]

Gallup Has Surveyed ACA: What America is Saying about Health Reform


Gallup, the renowned polling organization, has been looking at the U.S. healthcare system, releasing two new studies in October, 2014. The first poll shows the uninsured rate is at its lowest point, 13.4%. ACA is meeting its goal of reducing the uninsured; this statistic represents a 3.7% decline since the imposition of the individual mandate…. [Read More]

When Serious Illness Hits Home, What Use Is the Political Theater of ACA?


Americans love a good political process story. In a presidential election, we obsess over poll numbers. With the rollout of the ACA, we’ve been focused endlessly on Republican/Democratic sparring, with the media gladly delivering the blow-by-blow. What is getting lost in this came home recently when a family member suffered an infection that lodged in… [Read More]