Leadership Thinking

The Frenkel Benefits – an EPIC Company Senior Team on the value that Frenkel Benefits brings to your program:

President Craig Hasday

Not all cost reductions are created equal. more

You need to find cost reductions in your employee health benefits program.

But, the worst case scenario is not failing to cut costs. It is succeeding in the short term only to have changes rebound to create even larger increases and a crisis next year.

Frenkel Benefits guards against this for our clients by:

  • Crafting strategies that are rooted in expert analysis of the group’s performance, experience and utilization patterns.
  • Identifying reductions that can be maintained over multiple plan years.
  • Creating enhanced performance with as little disruption as possible to plan members.

We will find the savings you need and put your program back on course to produce its intended value. Sustainable success is a core Frenkel value.

Our first goal is to provide quantifiable value. Here are two examples. more

Every service we offer – be it financial, administrative or in direct support of a benefits
team – is tested with the same yardstick: Does it deliver concrete value to our client?

Here are two examples of how this commitment translates into value for our clients:

Case Study #1: The Dual Challenge of Employee Satisfaction and Claims Cost Management

Case Study # 2: Improving Performance by Reducing the HR Workload

Expertise doesn’t add value. Expertise delivered to you adds value. more

An advisor’s expertise is valuable only to the degree that it benefits your program.

It is possible for an advisor to have experts everywhere and effectively nowhere if you can’t access them.

When you hire Frenkel Benefits you hire the actual expertise of our entire company.

In addition to your experienced service team, you can access Frenkel subject experts in virtually every technical discipline on demand. Our clients tell us that this extraordinary access to the Frenkel brain trust has been one of the most important added values of working with us.

How will this access translate into ROI for you? Let’s meet. I will give you concrete examples – and introduce you to some of the experts you would be working with.

Senior Executive Vice President Lawrence Kirshner

Even in this cost-driven market, benefits programs can achieve their full strategic potential. more

In times like these, with all its sobering challenges, cost management is necessarily the foundation for any benefits planning.

But even in this market, a group benefits program must also be about achieving its intended strategic value.

If you manage a group benefits program, I think you will agree: This is the very point of your day in and day out efforts to keep your program healthy.

You should have an advisor who is a full partner in your stewardship.

Frenkel Benefits clients do.

We engage with our clients on a daily basis as a business partner who protects not just the financial health of a group benefits program, but its vital role in a company’s success.

3 valuable questions to ask any prospective group benefits advisor. more

At some point in any complex advisor search the marketing materials on your desk begin to blur together.

It’s understandable. From 20,000 feet, benefits advisors can look the same. It is only on closer inspection that the qualitative differences emerge.

How do you identify which of these differences are meaningful to you?

There is a remarkably simple way – by asking the following short series of questions:

  • What product (deliverables) will be included in the service for our group?
  • Who will execute it for us?
  • How is it specifically designed to help us?

Of course, these three questions are not the only questions you should be asking, but the depth and specificity of the answers will tell you a great deal about the technical quality of the advisor and the strategic thinking the team will bring to bear on your plan.

At Frenkel Benefits we are ready to answer these questions for you.

Executive Vice President Adam Okun

Good consultants don’t dictate strategy; they provide solutions that work within the client’s management philosophy. more

No two companies are alike. That is true even within the same industry and even more true when dealing with employers from disparate corners of the economy. It is critical that a benefits consultant does not promote a one size fits all approach to managing its clients’ benefit program. Active health management may be right for one, while reactive cost containment may work for another. Our very first responsibility to our clients is to understand how they want to run their businesses. Only then can we be an effective partner in the benefit plan management.

The client above all else. more

In order to earn and retain the trust of a client, a consultant must prioritize the client’s needs above a carrier’s, colleague’s and his/her own. Without the client there is no business. And in an environment as delicate as health insurance oversight, an employer group and its employees will quickly realize when their interests are not treated as paramount. Cultivating long term relationships requires respect, loyalty and in many instances, personal sacrifice.