Small Business Services

Small businesses have always faced special challenges in achieving the greatest flexibility of coverage and affordability. Now, in the landscape of ACA, small businesses have even more to navigate. 

But, while your options may be more limited than “big” companies, this does not mean you have no options. It means you need an expert on your side.

Frenkel Benefits – an EPIC Company has a team of small business benefits specialists with training and experience in serving companies exactly like yours.

  • We can answer the questions others cannot.
  • We can show you how to make carrier changes easier.
  • We have the information to compare your current rates against others in your industry and size.
  • We have the expertise to assist you in navigating the implications of ACA on small businesses.

We offer the full range of Frenkel Benefits services, plus: Key Person Life & Disability Coverage and Life & Disability Buy-Out Coverage.