In Healthcare, the Art of the Deal is Not So Artful

In Healthcare, the Art of the Deal is Not So Artful

The Washington shenanigans continue as President Trump holds out the specter of supporting the bipartisan Alexander-Murray Senate bill which attempts to shore up the Affordable Care Act and set up a reinsurance fund for large claims. The president has also promised to back off his threat to cut off funding of cost-sharing subsidies. All this… [Read More]

Severance: Too Much of a Good Thing

Severance- No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

UPDATE: Administrative practices of HHS appear to have recently changed and now may allow for a special enrollment on the exchanges if the employer COBRA subsidy ceases, forcing the participant to pay the full COBRA cost. However, New York State’s Marketplace informed Frenkel that they will only consider that to be the case if the… [Read More]

Got Business Travel Accident Coverage?

Got Business Travel Accident Coverage

In this day and age, technology is capable of bringing together bright minds from opposite sides of the globe – but sometimes web-based meetings just aren’t enough to make a real connection. Travel can be an integral part of maintaining business relationships and while most companies agree they should provide additional benefits and support to… [Read More]

21st Century Cures Act: Welcome Versatility in the Small Group Market

Time for Change

Reversing prior IRS and DOL guidance, the newly-signed 21st Century Cures Act allows small employers to use a new Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA) to give employees money that will pay for an individual health insurance policy. Under the law, employers can provide up to $4,950 for single employees and $10,000 for family… [Read More]

Yesterday’s Luxuries are Today’s Necessities


Every decade for the last half-century has ushered in dramatic new expansions in health insurance coverage categories. Driven by economic imperatives, medical advancements or social change, health conditions and treatments previously not deemed “medical”, “necessary” or otherwise excluded, were layered into virtually all health insurance policies. These new categories are now considered so fundamental to… [Read More]

What We Can Expect From Trump on Healthcare

Reshaping Healthcare in the United States

Maybe this won’t be so bad. I think I have him figured out. Donald Trump seems to operate like the mob. On every issue he comes out of the gate with guns (and Twitter) blazing. This evokes fear and intimidation of foes and even allies – and sets the stage for a more moderate compromise…. [Read More]

Making American Healthcare Great Again


The GOP, with the leadership and guidance of President-elect Trump, are going to have their hands full fixing healthcare. Similar to the Democrats in 2010, they will have a great opportunity with limited roadblocks (other than the need for a supermajority in the Senate). With this opportunity comes the responsibility to get it right. I would… [Read More]

McKinsey Study Is the Latest Evidence That Obamacare Is Not Working


After years of politically biased pontification, likely created by the effects of the ACA, the last few weeks have been littered with actual data-driven evidence on performance. And the news has not been good – that is, depending on your definition of success. Some industry experts seem to have very mixed measures of success that… [Read More]

Global Healthcare Update

Global Healthcare Update 5-19 blog post

Our clients’ businesses increasingly include globally-based employees.  The world is flat and businesses operate in the most fertile environments they can find.  Recognizing this need, Frenkel belongs to several global benefit networks: Assurex Global, IBN (International Benefits Network), and GBN Worldwide. These organizations provide us with worldwide benefit capabilities. I recently returned from the International… [Read More]

Examining Multi-Tiered Networks to Minimize Premiums and Foster Consumerism

Examining Multi-Tiered Networks

As health insurance premiums, copays and deductibles become unbearable, we’re often faced with clients who feel completely out of options during renewal conversations. They don’t want to switch carriers, but are out of levers to pull in order to control costs. Now we’re seeing carriers step in with an interesting solution: multi-tiered networks that align… [Read More]