Recent Studies Challenge Conventional Wisdom

13+ Month Renewals With Eyes on the New Small Group Market

There have been a couple of research publications over the last few weeks that have challenged some long held beliefs in plan design construction. Employers should take note before embarking on their next major program initiatives. The first was a study by Physicians for a National Health Program that reviewed the purchasing patterns of 150,000… [Read More]

Smart Snacks at Work: Revamping Office Nibbles

Smart Snacks at Work Revamping Office Nibbles

Last night for dinner, I ate nearly a dozen meatballs, a pepperoni roll, and a slice of pizza. Surprise! I was hungry. Also, that was the extent of the spread at the party I attended. I normally follow a produce-heavy diet, but greens were nowhere in sight. Alas, I subsisted on a combination of cheese,… [Read More]