When Amazon Sneezes the Health Insurance Industry Catches a Cold

Once again, a move by Amazon has cut billions of the health insurance industry stock market value. When Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan announced a partnership to control healthcare costs, health insurers were devalued. This time, with the announced purchase of PillPack, the pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) shed a fast approximately $11 billion. PillPack is… [Read More]

Back to the Future of Healthcare

Today I listened to Cigna leadership discuss how they are responding to marketplace dynamics and I realized that this change is as cataclysmic as the HMO revolution was in the late 1980s. During that era, the number of insurance companies dwindled down to just a handful and the indemnity market went into a tailspin. Flash… [Read More]

Walmart-Humana and the Future of Healthcare

Change and consolidation continue to sweep the insurance industry. Healthcare represents almost 20% of the U.S. economy. Costs are increasing and almost no one is happy. These are ingredients for change. The retail sales portion of the economy is also under extreme pressure – with thousands of stores closing and wildly-moving stock prices, this market is as ready for drastic… [Read More]