Walmart-Humana and the Future of Healthcare

Change and consolidation continue to sweep the insurance industry. Healthcare represents almost 20% of the U.S. economy. Costs are increasing and almost no one is happy. These are ingredients for change. The retail sales portion of the economy is also under extreme pressure – with thousands of stores closing and wildly-moving stock prices, this market is as ready for drastic… [Read More]

High Healthcare Inflation Is Back


After five years of historical lows for healthcare inflation, rapid growth has returned. From 2009 – 2013 healthcare spending showed average annual increases of 3.9%, but 2014’s jump of 5% indicates that the slowdown is over. I predicted this trend in a December blog, writing that healthcare spending increases in 2013 was at an historic… [Read More]

Healthcare’s Billion Dollar Toilet Seat


There is a lot of frustration in Washington surrounding the rollout of the new healthcare exchanges. As the government seeks to mitigate the embarrassment and political fallout of this ineptitude, we are throwing millions of dollars at them to make them work. Lost in the sauce of the exchange rollouts, it seems that our nation is… [Read More]