Wellness Incentives – a Case Study

Wellness Incentives – a Case Study

One of the most common questions I receive from my clients is, “how do we get more employees to participate?” While I wish my answer could be about appealing to the intrinsic value of improving one’s health, my most common responses are: Provide a more enticing incentive. Increase promotion. Get senior leadership onboard and involved…. [Read More]

Total Wellness

Total Wellness

Recently, I’ve had a few long-time wellness clients ask me “what’s next?” They’re wondering what’s new in wellness and what can they do to refresh their established programs. I must say, I get quite excited when clients want to go above and beyond basic wellness programming. For those of you who are new to wellness,… [Read More]

#TheSelfieGeneration: America’s Largest Workforce

TheSelfieGeneration America s Largest Workforce

As a millennial myself, I’m aware of the stereotypes placed on my generation all too well – we’re impatient, entitled, insecure and self-absorbed. We tend to be overly ambitious to move up in our careers (even if it means job hopping in search of a more meaningful position). We seek validation and expect “participation trophies”… [Read More]

Pokémon Go: Just What the Doctor Prescribed

Pokemon Go Post

For the past month, I’ve been watching friends, colleagues, and strangers maniacally roam the city on a focused hunt for Charizards and Pikachus. Quite a sight to behold. Pokémon Go has become explosively popular, and with its increasing ubiquity, I’m sure we’ll continue to see headlines highlighting safety concerns as Pokémon Go players fall off… [Read More]

Going Beyond the Incentive – Why Your Company Needs a Culture of Wellness

Strawberries Computer Culture of Wellness

Monetary incentives certainly impact participation in employer-sponsored wellness programs. But do they create a successful program? Sure, money is motivating, but just because you are handing out gift cards for preventative screening completion, doesn’t mean awareness or more importantly, employee activation, will skyrocket. Why not? In this blog we’ve discussed a culture of wellness –… [Read More]

Wellness Not By the Book? Relax, Might Be For the Best


I admit it: I used to be a health information junkie. I first realized my thirst for knowledge during undergraduate school when I began researching and writing term papers on nutrition. My appetite for information grew stronger when I was finishing graduate school, writing big research papers on worksite wellness. I prided myself on reading… [Read More]

Health Fairs: Calling Even the Reluctant


Thank goodness for the warmer weather! It was a long, cold New York winter. Spring always reminds me about two things: it’s time for me to work off those few extra pounds that kept me insulated and–it’s time for the Spring Health Fair. Over the past few years, I have been an ear to many… [Read More]

An Inviting Wellness Suite: Pick Out Your Own Outfit


If you’ve been twiddling your thumbs waiting for researchers to report the Truth (with a capital T) about wellness programs, do yourself a favor and just get on with it. But there are right and wrong ways to get on with it. Find ways to palatably introduce wellness to your employees. You know as well… [Read More]

Undercover Wellness: Drop the Label to Revitalize Workplace Weight Management


Wellness professionals like me cringe when reading headlines about the weakness of programs designed to address the challenges of unhealthy lifestyles. Employers and wellness coordinators have the power to change the course. Take the condition of obesity. Actually, I should say disease: Last June the American Medical Association officially recognized obesity as a disease. Obesity is out of control. A recent CNN report asked… [Read More]

Happy New Year – and Please Don’t Make Resolutions!


As a health educator, I can’t help but love the new year.  I’m a bit of a development nut, and the new year presents a golden opportunity for my clients and me to reflect on the past, celebrate accomplishments, and brainstorm areas of growth for the coming year. There’s always room for development in terms… [Read More]