This Flu Season’s Outbreak Is No Laughing Matter

Cropped shot of a sick businesswoman blowing her nose in the boardroom

I’ve had more clients than usual reach out to me for communications related to this year’s flu season and flu prevention tips. Why, you ask? Because this year’s influenza outbreak is widespread with hospitalizations occurring in 49 of 50 states. And it’s no longer just dangerous for children and those age 65+… Now employees age… [Read More]

Cough, Cough. Who’s There? The Flu.


We’re on the cusp of spring, and the flu has finally arrived. The annual flu season tends to hit between December and February—the winter months for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. This year is an anomaly. According to the CDC’s FluView report, flu activity, which includes influenza-like-illness, has been steadily climbing for… [Read More]

Mythbusters: Flu Shot Edition


Flu season is here…along with falling temperatures. So, better bundle up to fend off the germs, right? Well no, not really. It turns out that along with cold weather and holiday sales, there seems to be no shortage of bad advice fueled by specious claims (during the winter and in general). Misinformation spreads easily, so… [Read More]