Quest for Credibility: Food and Fitness Advice in the Modern Age

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There will always be a never-ending stream of fad diets and fitness crazes, but who we trust to inform us about healthful eating and exercise, is increasingly worrisome. Busy schedules and a constant barrage of information have led employees to trust sound bites, tweets, gifs, pictures, and news headlines for health advice. What is troubling… [Read More]

Smart Snacks at Work: Revamping Office Nibbles

Smart Snacks at Work Revamping Office Nibbles

Last night for dinner, I ate nearly a dozen meatballs, a pepperoni roll, and a slice of pizza. Surprise! I was hungry. Also, that was the extent of the spread at the party I attended. I normally follow a produce-heavy diet, but greens were nowhere in sight. Alas, I subsisted on a combination of cheese,… [Read More]

Cost-Free Wellness That Still Engages


No matter the budget, throwing out random wellness programs or resources to employees and hoping they will stick is not ideal. Companies need a wellness delivery strategy that focuses on health values. For many employers, the bottom line question often comes down to: where can we cut costs? But, even an organization with a limited budget –… [Read More]