Is Disaster Brewing in New York’s Small Group Market?

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The United Hospital Fund (UHF) just issued a comprehensive study of patterns in the New York State small group market and they don’t look good. From 2007 to 2016 enrollment shrank by 600,000 members, to 1.1 million. Rates were 35% higher than the national average. This, despite New York being one of the very few states to increase… [Read More]

Another Blow to the Healthcare Exchanges as CareConnect Shutters

No Easy Answers Another Blow to Healthcare as CareConnect Shutters

CareConnect, the upstart insurance company founded in 2014 by Northwell Health in the Downstate New York marketplace, has made the decision to cease operations. It made a lot of sense that Northwell, a hospital chain with extensive provider connections, could cut out the middleman insurance company and offer insurance protection directly to its customers. It didn’t… [Read More]

States Petition to Chart Their Own Healthcare Course

States Petition to Chart Their Own Healthcare Course

­­The Trump administration has indicated a willingness to liberalize the Section 1332 State Innovation Waiver under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to make it easier for states to provide affordable coverage. So far, only Hawaii has been granted the ability to deviate from the ACA, but now Iowa will be testing the President’s stomach on… [Read More]

Employer-Based vs. Individual Coverage – What Employees Should Know

Employer-Based vs. Individual Coverage – What Employees Should Know

At the Benefits Help Desk we often hear from employees who are unclear on the difference between their employer-sponsored health plans and the coverage they can purchase outside of work, like those available from the individual marketplace. We all know how difficult healthcare can be to navigate. It’s no surprise that it may not be… [Read More]

Federal Government Trims 2016 Forecast for Exchange Enrollment

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Last week, the government announced their 2016 estimate for enrollment through the website and various state exchanges. The expected enrollment of 10 million is marginally greater than the 9.9 million enrolled as of June 2015, and 50% less than the 20 million that was projected three years ago by the Congressional Budget Office. Currently,… [Read More]