Change Is Good: Make Sure Your Seniors Know About New Medicare Cards

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New Medicare ID cards will be mailed out in April of 2018. This is a pretty big deal – after years of requests from Medicare recipients, government representatives and advocate groups the CMS will no longer include social security numbers (SSNs) on the cards. Old versions of the card, which also included information like the recipient’s… [Read More]

Dodging the Tax Reform Bullet

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There is a real retirement savings crisis brewing in this country. Many folks are simply not saving enough to pay all their expenses for 20 or more years in retirement. That is why it was alarming when some of the early proposals of the tax reform package that was recently passed included such disincentives to… [Read More]

Can the American Retirement System Be Saved?


We all know the problem: most Americans are not saving enough for retirement. Gone are the days when a person worked for a company and retired with a generous pension. Also gone are the days when you could confidently rely on Social Security for a portion of your retirement income. Now it is up to each… [Read More]