Marketplace Private Exchange

A powerfully simple private health exchange

The Frenkel Benefits Marketplace delivers a state of the art defined contribution benefits platform that gives you greater control of benefits costs and your employees more benefits choice. 


Frenkel Benefits Marketplace is Powerful.

Built on industry leading technology from bswift, the Frenkel Benefits Marketplace provides seamless back end technology to:

  • Manage enrollment and eligibility changes throughout the year
  • Handle the administrative complexities of healthcare reform
  • Establish electronic data interchange (EDI) and web services with numerous carriers, partners and administrators

Frenkel Benefits Marketplace is Simple.

Frenkel Benefits Marketplace creates an engaging, intelligent and personalized retail experience for “consumer style” benefits shopping. We make your employees’ shopping experience easier with decision support tools like Ask Emma and an elegant user interface.

Ask Emma represents a whole new approach to benefits shopping, enrollment, and education, helping employees make more informed decisions across a range of benefits offerings through a highly personalized experience.

Frenkel Benefits Marketplace could not be easier to implement:

  • You establish an allowance for employees to spend on benefits
  • Employees shop for coverage to fit their needs (Health, Vision, Dental, Disability and more)
  • Employees choose exactly the right combination of coverage

Frenkel Benefits gives you turnkey support to implement and manage your exchange.

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