Developing, implementing and managing worksite wellness initiatives aimed at improving employee health and containing healthcare costs

Wellness is so ingrained in the fabric of Frenkel Benefits – an EPIC Company’s services that, rather than work with independent vendors, in 2004 Frenkel Benefits purchased a wellness company, Onsite Wellness. Unlike other brokers, this has given us the in-house resources to assist our clients in developing and implementing total wellness strategies. Now, in 2018 Frenkel Benefits Onsite Wellness is uniquely positioned with a proven track record to craft and implement coordinated wellness strategies based on each client’s claims and utilization data.

Full-Spectrum Wellness Consulting Services

Through review of your company’s current state of wellness and collaboration with your carrier(s), we design effective programming that both targets healthcare cost drivers and links wellness-related incentives to medical and FSA/HSA contributions.

We field one of the most extensive support platforms in our industry.

Your Wellness Tool Kit:

  1. Wellness Consultation
  2. Benefits Plan Integration
  3. Carrier Partnerships
  4. Disease Management Coordination
  5. Employee Surveys
  6. Incentive Tracking
  7. Program Management
  8. Reporting
  9. Branded Communications
  10. Coaching
  11. Educational Campaigns
  12. Events, Seminars, and Webinars
  13. Health Risk Assessment
  14. Health and Wellness Fairs
  15. Online Lifestyle Portal
  16. Preventive Screenings

The Frenkel Trifecta

  • Benefits Integration: Because Frenkel Benefits is a full-service insurance brokerage, the Frenkel Benefits Onsite Wellness team is uniquely positioned to craft coordinated wellness strategies based on each client’s claims and utilization data. We believe tying health behavior to employee contribution amount reinforces the relationship between engaging in risky behaviors and their related costs.
  • Carrier Relationships: Our long-standing relationships with carriers will prove invaluable in accessing and managing the low- to no-cost lifestyle and disease management programs that may be available.
  • Engaging Communications: With an experienced, in-house communications team, we have the resources and manpower to support your wellness program with eye-catching, easy-to-understand multimedia communications.